You can have anything you want in a meditation. (even a bunny rabbit)

i have been walking through a field
and up it, there’s a clearing
except for some daisies
and there’s forest on either side
im on a path unwinding
and at the top of it,
i find a castle
and i find that i
have no trepidation
i only gain confidence
as i climb up each
big, stony step
i dont even
hang on to the side rail
it feels like
i am coming home
and i open the heavy,
wooden door
and there are all these
rugs and heavy blankets
and there’s a chill
so i want to cuddle up
inside them
and there’s this heavily
padded window seat,
the padding is clean
and white and filled with
down feathers and i notice
there’s this big, fat bunny rabbit
who, and this is weird,
is wagging it’s tail and purring
and smiling at me.
i pick her up
and put her on my stomach
and pet her and i
settle in against
this giant window
draped with white cotton curtains
and overlooking
the mountain, in spring
i watch the wind
upset the diasies
outside the window,
i lean against it
the glass is cool
on my cheek
and the rabbit is
happy. and i lean back
my fingers resting
now in her fur and fat
and i start drifting
off to sleep
while the wind is moving
against the trees
almost cruelly
but i am inside
i am protected
from it
i remember
the door was heavy
and no one else
is on the mountain
i listen to
my rabbit,

6 thoughts on “You can have anything you want in a meditation. (even a bunny rabbit)

    1. i got better trying to set a good example for you. now you have to try harder too break the cycle when it happens to you. its only fair, its your turn.

      1. Thank you. I’m trying. Hopefully will do more mindful walking and hiking, contemplating with warmer temps soon. I’m a work in progress. Btw – no moths? I prepared something with them in mind, you in mind, for my poet friends. Y’all have helped me through a dark time already. So thanks.

      2. my publisher changed my website design. i want to see. link me? also add me on fb if you have one,

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