My Little Friend

the mouse is curled up
into the fetal position
and stuck by it’s side
to the sticky pad
i was asked to put out
for him-i did it without

when he sees me
he starts struggling again
and i scream
i remember being
pinned like that
and told
i wasn’t going
that i am in so much
trouble right now
and being sat
the fuck down.

then i stop screaming.
i think
can i spoon
this guy
out of that thing
without tearing
his fur from his flesh

and then the bartender
comes and asks if
I’m ok
and I draw a blank
then he uses
his hands
to scoop up
my friend
and he walks

“what happened?”
i ask him, later.
“I just threw it
in the garbage
and shut the lid.”
not exactly
a fairy tale ending

rest in peace,
my little friend
im sorry i didn’t
do anything.


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