Why did I quit my job to become a poet? (That might’ve been a little impulsive)

For Dee Jackson, founder of Sweet Freedom Publishing Co.

did i do this
because i love poetry
or because i believed him
when he said i was worth nothing?

or because im still afraid
of running into him
and he wont meet me
to quell my anxiety
(so i kind of have to
leave the country-fuck
No, no, I’m staying.)

let’s just say
i did this because
i was scouted at a reading
by a woman whose dream it was
to publish poetry.
and quit her job
to prove something.

I did it because
she chose me.

(P.S. the thing i did was write this book)

25 thoughts on “Why did I quit my job to become a poet? (That might’ve been a little impulsive)

  1. I am glad to hear that you have not, in fact, quite your job. And the universe picked you perhaps along with this publisher lady. You are one stellar poet. I truly am going to try to get to your April 7th event! I think I might still be stuck in Brockton, so anything is possible? Also, with open mic, do poets read from pages, or have they memorized their work?

    1. both! You can do anything you want at an open mic. I may have one earlier in april, before you leave. i just have to get copies of my book first. im happy youre back! didnt think id see you here again whats up with that?

      1. pain woe angst misery, great providers of words my dear. Earlier than April 7th? I’ve never done an open mic. I think I would have to observe one to know what the hell to do.

      2. I guess not for a couple weeks now. Problem is, if I am not on an overnight, I have to be back for 9pm. I’m not sure that would be possible dammitt! I ordered my copy of your book. You do know how very happy I am for you, right? It’s just so wonderful Georgia. I’m thrilled for you. Now tell them to print my book!

      3. lol i love you im waiting too. hmm. april 7th is in cambridge at 7pm. i can ask to go first so you get a chance to see me if youll come

      4. I will try to figure something out. I do so want to be there for you. thank you for saying that…means more to me than you’ll ever know. And to meet your crazy ass! Well, body, uhm self…personage? lmao

      5. I could always say I’m going out on an overnight, lie later and say I had thoughts of “using” can I come back? haha, that does happen.

      6. ill meet you before the reading and ask tim to let me go first, thats all, no biggie

      7. I cant wait to read your book! You’re the only one I ever bought. Other than the classics. You’ll be a classic! I’m gonna link to your book, which is best?

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