Under Your Mattress (you sick freak, you)

I’m going to sign my books
with the dirtiest talk
and the filthiest inscriptions:
“Dear reader,
Go get fucked!
Hearts, kisses and bullshit,
Ms. Georgia Park”

You’ll have to hide
your copy under the mattress
for some late night reading-
i dont belong on a bookshelf
i am an outlaw poet
and i belong outcasted
i dont want to be
next to the classics

i want to be
under your mattress
thats where all
the best reading happens.



17 thoughts on “Under Your Mattress (you sick freak, you)

      1. Well there’s one kiss and one hug in first comment, heart in second, and here’s the bullshit:
        “Oh my gawd, I would so move from Australia to bask in your poetic genius in person.”
        I love your writing, but I’m not moving 😁

      2. ❤ ❤ xoxoxo well, i am a very wealthy man, so ill fly you out for my next reading <—-the bullshit

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