Missing Inscription

So I know the first edition
of my book has some mistakes.
i know it’s immature
and poorly written.
i know your copy
is still missing
it’s inscription
i just didnt
know what to say
and i know i stole
it back before
you had the chance
to finish.

“thank you,”
“im sorry,”
“you’re the best-”

i left it open.
i dont know you yet.
this you and i thing
hasn’t been written
and it makes me
more nervous
than my book
ever did.

but, im starting
to like
the narrative-
i will say that.

dear reader,
yes. i want to
see you again.
i feel alot of
(and thats how
ill sign it?
or maybe,
ill add something…)

the pen is in my hand.
its lingering.
i have your copy
ill return it.
love me
this saturday,
at least.
please, please,

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