My Confidante

falling in love is too easy
he asks me from our hotel room
“Why are you leaving?
I know you’re scared,
but you’re scaring me.
I just want to know
if you’re staying.”

he asks me
so many things
and we drink.

he says,
“youre a petite woman
and the thought of someone
putting their hands on you
disgusts me.”

but mostly
I talk about
the differences
between countries.
surprisingly often,
I’ll tell him
about my mother.
and I ask him
if he still loves me.
that’s the one thing
i ask consistently.

it was a hard homecoming
we are both getting
what we wanted.
he asks me
so many questions
I ask him just one thing
he says yes
and he holds me
time and time again

4 thoughts on “My Confidante

    1. wow, thanks for sharing that reaction. ❤ i feel pretty vulnerable in that poem-thanks for connecting with me.

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