im not going to be
the person
who doesnt ask
if youre ok
or even say

when you admit
those things
to me
i have a

even if,
as it turns out
im helpless
to help you out.

its not like i
at all.

4 thoughts on “Responsibility

    1. WHAT i have fans in texas?? was just thinking about you today, my dedication, and how grateful I am to you, jasper, you especially ❤ you really made such a difference for me and i know im not the only one. you will go to heaven after this if i have any say in it, which who knows, i might know someone, after all this is over.
      i dont know why i got morbid and drunk on imaginary power. but its stream of consciousness. i just wanted to say, youre a good person, thank you for taking the time to know and discover and welcome me when i was feeling so alone.

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