Almost Funny

my mother used to call me
little idiot,
she’d say it laughingly
it was almost like
her pet name for me.

i used to wonder why
she said it.
but now, i can see
i havent changed a bit
i honestly do
the dumbest things

and no, i didnt get
my homework in.
didn’t even ask
for that extension.
i wanted to go to
rockport instead
to watch the ocean

i am such
a little idiot.
but i will say
i didnt deserve this
or, maybe i did.

my friend sent me the transcript
of their conversation
and i read it.
i absolutely should not
have done that

he stroked my hair
and told me he loved me
from what he told her
i was one of,
at the very least,

it’s almost funny.

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