Too Few Riddles

i was given x-ray glasses
i saw something that
i shouldn’t have,
it was supposed
to be private

he says he doesnt know
if he wouldve done it-
i have the answer
right in front of me
he had already
made the decision.
i can read it,
it was written.

it makes me wonder
what the other men
who said they loved me
were really doing
if i could only
have seen them

and then there’s
that one last,
lingering question:
if there was a gun
instead of a bible
in every motel room
would you do it?

I know the answer,
i would’ve.
given the option
a gun, a bible
or to fall in love again
there’s no question
i’d pull the trigger

i’ve known too few riddles
and too many answers.
im too smart to ever
fall in love again
i can always guess
the endings.

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