My Most Prized Possession

(“You know, he didn’t just take my money when he mugged me. He took my security, my sense of justice and well being…” “Yeah, you really shouldn’t leave those things lying around.” -Dr Katz)

I gave him my most prized possession.
and he noticed. I didnt think he would,
I just wanted him to have it.

He said, “Isn’t this your favorite book,
ever? I remember you raving about it.”

“What? Did I say that?”

“You said it’s like a security blanket
you said you never stopped reading.
You said you slept with it underneath
your pillow. I remember, don’t you?”

Telling him all that? I didn’t.

I blushed and he looked flabbergasted.
I looked away but he pulled me in
to kiss me on the head. I’ll never see it again.

thats ok. i dont feel like reading it anymore, anyway.


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