Considering a Friendship

I made what was supposed to be a fun dinner
awkward for everybody.
the next day,
i slid to the floor of the library

where there are
so many stories outside of me.
i imagine her coming closer
to ask what i’m reading
i imagine she doesn’t want
anything from me
that shes just asking
out of curiosity

if there’s one thing
of which im certain
its that i am a very
difficult woman
even for her, i wasnt easy.
she had to prop me up
and support me.

but i imagine i deserve
a place to sleep
where no one will reach out
to touch me
for now its always here,
in the library

but im going to let
some women close to me.
im going to exchange
some live, unwritten stories.
i imagine they wont see me
as a toy or possession
but that theyll treat me
like a human person

12 thoughts on “Considering a Friendship

  1. Love this! Especially the last lines… Why is it so hard to be treated as another human? And that doubt is always in the back of my mind when reaching out. ❤

    1. i think its harder when theres sex involved, hence the new requirements that anyone who comes near me this week must be female. this girl was my customer and she came up to me and asked if we could be friends-how many times have i wanted to do that and chickened out? always reach out, whats the worst that could happen. makes life more interesting

      1. Agreed! I met a woman standing in line at a bakery and we had the best conversation. I kept wishing I could say, “Can we be friends?” Of course, I chickened out…

      2. next time! the worst she’ll do is lie and say yes and never meet up. but there are no dating sites or hook up bars for friendship, its hard to establish after college. ive met alot of women recently who feel the same way, youre not alone. ❤

      3. I have too. The majority of my conversations on here is related to female friendships, or lack there of. I start a drawing class this week and hope I meet some real people there. Next time I hope I have the courage to ask! ❤

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