I remember the paramedics

I wake up in his tee shirt
and he catches me staring
down at the stains on it
“Do you know what that is?”
his tone is much too gentle
but my curiosity is piqued
“No, what is it?”
“It’s your blood.”
“Georgia…you had
an accident.”

my hand flies up
to my nose
still caked in blood
and flaking off

“Do you remember anything?”
“I remember it took
five paramedics to tell me
i wasn’t broken yet.
I could’ve told them that.”

I try to stomp off brazenly
but I stumble and he catches me

pretty soon,
I toss and turn
back into a sort of sleep

with blood on both of our clothes,
he holds me. and then,
like an idiot,
I threaten to leave.

he tells me to call in sick
he pleads.I wash off the blood
and report for duty.
its a revolving door
that brings the paramedics

next time they come,
it might be because I’m dying.
I pray to god
that doesn’t happen.
I realize that I want to live.

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