Thursdays in a Foreign Country (Korea)

Tell me again about Syria
i think of asking
my ex boyfriend
before realizing, again
he never spoke much english
and wasnt even
my boyfriend

once a week
on thursdays
my mind erased
two years of it
as i mumble that
i wasnt really dating
during that period

one or both of us
would cry
after fucking
he’d get too drunk
to talk about
his country
id get too drunk
for anything
he’d kiss my forehead
and tuck me in
he’d leave me sleeping

one monday
i came home
and saw him
laying in my bed
i walked in
cocked my head
and asked,
“What, is it
Thursday, already?”
“They’re all dead.”
he moaned. “What? No.
What happened? Tell me.”
I remembered my arabic
and spoke it.
he stayed
very quiet.

after that
i let him
come closer
i trashed
my thursday only
we even ate together.
but he never
slept over
he couldnt
stop thrashing
for long enough
to let that

i wonder now
if i loved him
i guess it doesnt
everything from
that country
is shattered.


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