In the middle of a fight

“Yes, I’m here to cancel my gym membership
and it’s ridiculous,
i lost my job last year
and then got another one
with a free gym membership
but you should know
im still on food stamps
im struggling

i feel like this is extortion
that you won’t let me out of the contract
i need to speak with the manager
or better yet, the owner.
I’ll pay what I owe
but this is where it ends
or else ill slander your name
to everyone in Salem.”

Then, I get a message
from her, from Korea,
making fun of me and Cambodia
all in one sentence
with pictures included
and I can’t help it,
I start giggling
and step outside
to continue the more fun

“This is the owner.”
“Yeah, just…” i laugh,
“Excuse me for a moment.”

5 thoughts on “In the middle of a fight

    1. this girl needs to write me more, that’s for sure. but ive been listening to alot of podcasts that make me laugh. so, im feeling better in general ❤

      1. you have made me laugh so many times, Aurora ❤ the good, dark kind of laughter. nothings better-pain and humor infused

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