Friendly Advice

“You do realize the information you’ve given me
about the last two men you were involved with
makes me want to kill them?
and then, what’s worse,
the subsequent consequences
no matter how you justify it
something’s gotta give
and you just told me, it’s giving.”

“Yeah but, i never want to see
either of them again
it’s finished.
So, what’s the difference
if it even happened?”

“Lilah, im concerned
about your mental well being
it’s a facade and i can see
that it’s crumbling
you just weren’t built
to handle these experiences
and then, to give consent afterwards?
it’s not genuine.”

“Ok, so what do you expect me to do?

“I want you to see someone
again, please do.
but this time,
make it someone experienced
and not just a figment
of your imagination
or some exaggerated version
of a simple school counselor
Lilah, you need to see
someone about it.
i dont want to see
any more men
take advantage.
Lilah, don’t you know
you’re a human being
just because you havent
been treated like one
doesnt mean you deserve this.”

“You have to admit
I really bring out
the worst in men”

they’re taking advantage
havent you heard that expression?”

I remember he said
take this to relax
and now,
spread your legs….

“Lilah? Lilah?
you need to stop

I’m going to call
someone to help
Someone, help me!”


8 thoughts on “Friendly Advice

      1. Here’s what I want. I want a couple of road trips. I want to go swimming, ride my bike while im here. I want to read a good book. and thats whats next for me. i have it all planned out.

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