Rejoining Society

“I don’t want to have a dog, I couldn’t handle it when it dies. I don’t care if people die, but a dog? That’s just not right.”
“What are you talking about? Get real. Dogs know they’re going to die and are at peace with it more than people. That’s why animals go off and find a hole or somewhere to crawl into and be alone-Is that Georgia?”
“Yeah, hey guys, sorry i haven’t been answering my phone. How’s it going?”
“Good, good, have a seat, why don’t you. We were just talking about death and how it’s better to be alone.”
“Oh, sure, right on, I’ll join.”

3 thoughts on “Rejoining Society

  1. What do you think? Is that really better? I think it depends on whether you know death is imminent or not. If you are alive one day and die in your sleep, to me it’s okay that you were alone. If you have some fatal disease and die slowly, I would say it’s better to have someone around.

    1. Well the natural instinct i guess is to go be alone. Not to slow down the pack with your annoying death. But people aren’t animals. but when i feel like im dying i tend to keep to myself. i am an animal.

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