The 17th (censored version, for you)

Fine, I’ll go to your show on the 17th
I know it’s important.
But you have no idea
how much this will cost me.

I took off time
to go away that week
and i’ve been running amok
with daydreams of it

But somewhere around
the third time you asked

i realized that sometimes,
you’re the only person
i let near me.

yes, of course
ill be at your show
on the 17th.
i dont know why you worry.
(i couldnt say i had
a scheduling conflict
those words were too ugly.)

5 thoughts on “The 17th (censored version, for you)

      1. I’m sorry! I didn’t know your friends were 1890s recorder-playing waifs. How insensitive of me! There’s no excuse, really.
        Can you forgive me?

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