Better Care

stress induced bronchitis,
there’s tracks in the mud
where i left them
walking in giant circles
the leaves glistening
the wind howling

no, that wasn’t it
it’s the middle of summer
stress induced bronchitis
it must have been
the cigars that followed
the sun shining brilliantly
on the wrong scene
i shouldn’t have visited
the fourth job did me in

stress induced bronchitis
like so many weeds growing
can easily turn to pneumonia
then a stress induced
trip and fall into the graveyard

these things happen quickly
i just wish it was winter
so i could blame it on
the cruel winds
instead of my heart
racing willfully

in the middle of summer
would be an embarrassingly
obvious feat

take better care
of yourself
people keep telling me
(i quit my fourth job,
god have mercy)

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