Doctors, Shamans, Medicine.

“You sound awful.”
“Yeah, well, I can only pull it together
for a half hour or so,
or with strangers
I can’t do it with you.
The truth is,
I have pneumonia.
It won’t go away
and it’s not getting better.
I’m scared and I’m exhausted.
This is the second time
this year it’s happened.”
“Is there anything I can do?”
“No, there’s nothing.
I’ll be in the native american
steam room if you need me
with a shaman.
I think I probably just need
to exorcise my demons.
Either that, or you should
say goodbye because
I’m dying.”
“All right, that’s it.
Get in the car.
You need antibiotics.”
“But my doctor said
to tough it out-”
“Your doctor is an IDIOT.
Don’t you ever
listen to him again.”

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