The Red Pill Vs. The Blue

I’m walking home with a book in my hand
when a man calls out from his stoop
where he’s drinking with his girlfriend
he says, “Hey, that book is awesome!”
“Yeah?” I’m doubtful, “I want to get educated
but I’m afraid learning the truth
will make me depressed.”
He says, “The red pill tastes bad
but you’ll be happy you’re awake
if you take it.”

I think about my homemade laboratory,
the pills i take
just to get me to sleep

I say, “I guess I have a decision to make,”
and I don’t take it lightly.

Crafting my Story on Demand

my best friend has noticed
that all i do lately
is listen to stories
which means i am sinking
into a deep depression

for my birthday
she bought us tickets
to a storytelling event

she’s been encouraging me
to contribute, even
i say or,
we could just stay in bed
she says “Bitch,
take your medication
and go make those people laugh.”