Gender Privileges

I’ve been known to throw fits
but my aggression is made laughably impotent
by the mechanic’s reaction to it,
“Are you having a bad day, sweetheart?
Don’t worry, it’ll be all right
just calm down, ok, honey?
Sweetie pie?”

And then, in the taxi
I end up screaming
“You, sir, are 45 minutes late
don’t you know that this
is important?
People have lives to live
and your goddamn….seatbelt…
I yell as I get tangled up in it
until he calmly reaches over
to buckle me in
I’ve never felt so emasculated
we spend the next 30 minutes
in silence

so what can i do?
I take advantage of it.

men of all ages
approach me when i walk home from work
at two in the morning
sometimes, it’s terrifying.
but if they’re young enough,
i’ll toy with them.

I use my teacher’s voice
to ask their full name
their address and place of employment
and marvel as they report in
im not a serial killer
but i could be
i have no idea
why they would willingly
give up this information
i guess they dont take me seriously

the worst of it
was when i drunkenly
slapped the ass of the waiter
after sexually harrassing him
throughout my entire dinner
with another man
i was in the middle
of breaking up with
neither of them minded
not only did i get a new date
i got a job out of it
at the same restaurant
i work at today
the waiter and i are now just
friendly acquaintances
the guy i broke up with
says he hopes im doing ok

if i wasnt born a woman
id get into fights every day
and all the girls
would fucking hate me
id never get laid

5 thoughts on “Gender Privileges

  1. I asked my husband a while ago why men don’t take women seriously…
    he does a lot of marriage counselling, and he has found that stereotype to be true…when couples come to him it’s normally in crisis. And this is how it goes, man: I had no idea she wanted to leave and it was so bad. Woman: I’ve been telling him for years…
    It took a crisis in our own marriage for him to take me seriously. We have both learned from it and he uses it in his counselling sessions. We often talk about the issue of male ego 🙂
    (I apologise if I have told you this before…I forget who I have told haha so I am sorry if I am being repetitive).

    1. no, definitely worth saying more than once ❤ first ive heard of it, glad your marriage is so strong!

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