Just Before I Go To Bed At Night

##1 reason i should stop smoking pot: today, i saw something wrong happen and instead of stepping in and stopping it like i shouldve i smirked and walked away like i condoned it. That is an unforgiveable instance of my marijuana usage stealing bits of who i am. Im not that person.
#2 Conversation with an 18 year old: “Yeah, my memory is terrible, or i guess i dont actually have one. I can only remember the past two weeks. Yeah, i lost my memory when i started smoking pot.” “Maybe you should stop.” “…Nah.”

#1 reason ive been smoking pot: it seems to relax me.

I really hate drugs.

#2 I forgot

7 thoughts on “Just Before I Go To Bed At Night

  1. Stop smoking and drugs. They are injurious to health. They bring short-term relief and destroy your body and soul completely.

  2. In theory, there are people who can smoke a little bit, analogous to a drink or two, socially. I’m not sure about the memory implications of that kind of use. However, laws and judgments aside, it sounds like your body is speaking to you. THAT is worth listening to- who cares really what the rest of us say 🙂

    1. Yeah, some people can handle it. I feel really conflicted about mind altering substances because I wasted too many of my years relying on them

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