Right Things

Oh God, Im sad
one of my children is dead
and im not equipped to handle it
plus im just barely with a man
who doesnt understand me
he said if youre gonna be so sensitive
maybe you shouldnt work with children
but i didnt expect this
he said you need to live alone
so i can visit
but i cant be left alone again
im not well
i dont do right things
after 12
alone in my bed
i get so wasted

i need roommmates
to find
if i die sleeping

10 thoughts on “Right Things

    1. thanks for normalizing this—-i feel like such a freak. but what im really doing is having some wine and pot before bed. its not so freakish it just scares the shit out of me. i was straight edge.

  1. I wish I had seen this earlier too!
    Listen to AP, you are not a freak. Letting yourself grieve is so important.
    Our community is reeling right now because we have had a few deaths recently of well loved people, one of them killed in the terrorist attack in London. My husband is writing a piece on grieving for the local paper, I can send it if you wish.
    Absolutely have people around at this time. People who will let you talk about this. People who will comfort you. This is a big deal and you are allowed to feel sad ❤

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