The Unavailable Waitress

You want to enrage me? Engage me in a discussion
about george orwell, ernest hemingway
and the blue lives matter campaign

you want to endear yourself to me?
Don’t assume anything. Don’t ask
what im doing
before you ask me
if i want to go get a drink
because, then,
i have to make an excuse
just ask me if i want to
go out with you
ill tell the truth

and stop trying
ive already met all the men
i want to in this lifetime
too many have called me
a waste of their time
just for taking a minute
to talk to them
they act like
i owe them something

no, you dont want
to be my friend.
ive played that game
i know how it ends
a conversation into
a price on my head

i am a person
i have people friends
who don’t want anything from me
but a phone call now and then

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