The Red Pill Vs. The Blue

I’m walking home with a book in my hand
when a man calls out from his stoop
where he’s drinking with his girlfriend
he says, “Hey, that book is awesome!”
“Yeah?” I’m doubtful, “I want to get educated
but I’m afraid learning the truth
will make me depressed.”
He says, “The red pill tastes shitty
but you’ll be happy you’re awake
if you take it.”

I think about my homemade laboratory,
the pills i take
just to get me to sleep

I say, “I guess I have a decision to make,”
and I don’t take it lightly.

15 thoughts on “The Red Pill Vs. The Blue

      1. I just started taking a mild antidepressant/antianxiety pill to help me get out of bed on bad days

      2. I get that certainly. It can be a help that way. I have just seen so many people get caught up in big pharma that way. One pill chasing side effects of another, etc. ….
        And it can be helpful too

      3. thank you for speaking out, i was curious of what youd think-trust me, im wary and of the same mind to give it a chance but definitely keep it in check

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