Every day is jam packed. Someday, I’d like to change that. I’d like to slow it down, stop for a minute, relax.

Yes, I bounce from event to event
from man to man
my life is a whirlwind
i cant stop writing

because every time im still
i start to think
i start to think about him
and how he stopped writing
i start to think of past events
and i relive them
i think about my nightmares
when i look at my bed
and i know
it could happen again

so im just running
as fast as i can

In defense of my red dress

I don’t look like a prostitute in it.
I bought this dress with my own hard earned money
for my first poetry reading.
I love that it’s lacy

This dress really means something
I’m sorry i let you see the wrong image.
you don’t see my red dress for what it is.

You hurled insults on it.
But i was due anyways for a dry cleaning.
So say goodbye to it because
Me and my dress
are leaving.

Don’t call me crazy. You know I’m in therapy.

its not a big deal
its just that we’ve been sleeping together
on and off for the past year
and i agreed not to get attached but
insisted not to be his affair
i draw the line when there’s a marriage
i dont want to interfere

i said ill forget what the psychic told me
your nervousness when i leave marks
the way you snatched your phone from me
the fact that you won’t dogsit my dog
if youll just have me over
to your apartment
we can have dinner
and arrest my fears
it could be that easy

and he slandered me
he paced
he called me crazy
among other things

but i wasnt.
not in that situation.
hes just married
and he didnt tell me.
i can recount the story
very simply

and then, what’s worse,
he was cruel to me.
all this time,
i thought he was sweet.

i was good to him
he was good to me
it was easy
i guess thats why some women prefer
men who are married
its just less work
but i want my conscience clean