I can either be a good little mental patient or a naughty one

I dont want to be the mental patient 
Who starts a riot
Who points to the doctor, crying,
“This person is not helping!”
I dont want to refuse medication
I want to take the help I can get
By my 30s, id like to be able
To relax a bit

Yeah, I used to hope for
Bigger things
But I have to accept
These changes
And reevaluate my mission
I say sure doctor
Up my medication
Youre right
Its worth at least trying
I want to be
A good mental patient
If I only have two options

9 thoughts on “I can either be a good little mental patient or a naughty one

  1. I don’t believe there are only two choices. I have become advocate for myself over the years and am fighting for that sweet spot where I don’t think about hurting myself daily and not becoming a Stepford wife, which ironically, eventually makes me want to hurt myself daily. Does this always make me popular?! Hell, no, but I still need to feel like me.

  2. This, yes. I’m finally learning that I WON’T be the one in corporate America in fancy dress suits, with designer purses, making 400 thousand in bank a year. Because I could, you know. But I’d be a nervous wreck the whole time and most likely dead or fired in 3 months. Yes, a job as a lifeguard suits me just fine. The fewer clothes I have to try on, buy, and wear for work, the better. Plus, flip-flops. And that chlorine smell. And free swimming where I can melt into myself without even trying. People live in poverty every day. So what if I have a Master’s degree. That’s cool. Maybe I’ll revive someone and tell them how important education is… but maybe not that kind of education. And we’ll all live happily ever after.

    Please relax. It’s not worth it. It’s just life. No one gets out alive.

    1. Youre right, its whatever works ❤ glad to hear whats working for you-I love that chlorine smell

      1. It almost HAS to be “whatever works”. I’ve been through so many “whatever works” scenarios over the past almost six years and thought they were all hell because I had no control over them. Now, I just look back at them, realize that, despite the lack of control, I still survived, and now relax a tiny bit easier in yet another spurt of “whatever the fuck works”. It takes a load off, definitely. I hope you give yourself that break.

  3. I will spare you the long version of my rant on medications and doctors and Big Pharma. the short version goes something like this: doctors are highly influenced by Big pharma, especially in the realm of psychiatric meds, and the “research” is in large part funded by big pharma, lining their own pockets. You are the expert on you- be honest about how your are feeling and what you need and look for that balance point. AND i put more stock in working on the big issues with a good therapist than anything else- in the long term.
    when I was in prison, I couldn’t get much help at all, because I didn’t want meds, and I wasn’t bad enough off to qualify for therapy….. Yep, that’s “rehabilitation” for ya 🙂

    1. I didnt know you were in prison, thats a terrible system but sounds like a good story…I have my own long rant on meds and resisted for a long time. Right now im.just giving it a shot ❤ bless aurora

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