I’m going to end up alone

ive developed a phobia
of getting close to men
i have nightmares about
having simple conversations

People say im too hard on myself
 But they dont know the years its taken
They say take baby steps 
But im not a fucking baby


7 thoughts on “I’m going to end up alone

  1. Cautiously, you can approach those wild animals known as men. Many of them are ridiculously vulgar, violent and dangerous. But some of them can be the houses you lock yourself inside of to feel safe.

  2. My dear G– healing and integration is not a linear process. It gets worse before it gets better (believe me when I say I know this first hand). Its okay to breathe, its okay to pause, its okay to treat yourself kindly (says the hypocrite who has no patience with her own fragility but that doesn’t mean its not good advice)

  3. I used to think this all this time. I was 21 years old before my first kiss. By 25 I had dated a few women and had kissed about 12. Now I’m married! What changed? I started being me and stopped pretending to be who I thought the world wanted me to be. When you are true to yourself people like you gravitate towards you. Just open up your self to the world and be vulnerable.

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