If it wasn’t so dangerous

the rain slashes the makeup
right off our faces
as we tend slowly
to the slippery terrain
i say the broken glass
around the fireplace
may look ugly now
but in the sun
it sparkles

ideas keep falling
out of my mouth
she says
did you know
there’s some sort of
in the ground
and if it wasn’t so dangerous
wouldn’t we love to go barefoot
and all the scientific ways
we could benefit from it

but theres glass and needles
and lyme disease contending
with our ambitions
i tell her about the time
on this same path
i was assaulted
and she doesn’t say
that i deserved it
even though i was embarrassed
about what i was doing

she says
if it wasn’t so dangerous
we could do
so many more things
isnt it exciting
even just to think


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