All Around

i see ghosts, i hear them coming
and its overwhelming, the lot of them
refusing to stay where they came from
theyre revolting

if i stayed in my place, too
i wouldn’t have to run from them
they in their graves
i in my bed

but that life
is too boring
i stand still
when i hear them
i say come on then
whatever it is
bring it.

5 thoughts on “All Around

  1. Sometimes, that can be the most exhilarating feeling. Finally, you crawl out of your nest of a bed and say, “Fine. Bring it. I’ll handle it. Mother fuckers.”

    I have no doubt you can handle it.

    Let the handling begin!

      1. Most um… “people like us” (those depressive types with therapists and meds or no meds and struggles of getting out of beds) usually have AMAZING nests for beds.

        Like, there should be contests and stuff… Big Bird could be the judge. He certainly couldn’t enter because we ALL blow his wimpy-ass nest out of the water.

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