I’m starting to think my therapist is the crazy one.

“Doctor, doctor
I’m sorry to bother you over the weekend
but we need to talk about our last session
and what’s happening

the medication stopped working
my head is boiling
the ghosts are coming
i see things while im sleeping.”

“Ok, calm down for a minute
are you having nightmares
or are they dreams?”

“whats the difference?”

“Dreams are like pictures.”

“I guess they’re dreams. I’m guessing.”

“Ok. The medication is working.
I told you the feeling of sedation
was just a temporary adjustment.
You’re just waking up again.
You’re getting used to it.”

“But I liked the sedation.
can you up the medication
so i can have it back again?”

“…No. That’s not what we’re doing.”

she says itll get worse before it gets better
she says (insert another cliche here)