Today I Hated my Job.

I ran to work today in my most modest dress
a slice of pizza in my hand
eating and running
i didnt want anyone to be in the restaurant
i felt disgusting

here are the comments
about this modest dress
throughout one shift
from drunken men:

“I like that dress.”
“Thank you.”

“That dress looks great on you.”
“Thank you.”
“No, thank you for wearing it.”


“That’s a great dress.” “Really, I dont like it. The colors make me feel like an old timey judge.” “No,” he says, staring at my chest, which is completely covered, “it looks more like a french maid’s outfit.”


“You look good in that dress.”
“This is my most modest dress. I don’t know why it’s getting so much attention.”
“Sometimes it’s what you don’t see that’s so appealing.”

So, i begged the bartender
to let me close early
i went to my happy place
and put the chairs up smiling
but i could feel them watching me.

“It’s great to watch someone so happy while they’re working.”
“What have you been smiling about? Is it a man? Come on, you can tell me.” 

“Im happy because I get to leave.”

3 thoughts on “Today I Hated my Job.

    1. Thanks. Usually my job is a pretty safe place and it honestly wasnt the dress. Just an off night I guess. An unfortunate part of being a girl

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