Does my therapist know what she’s doing?

there’s monsters under the bed in my mind
ive bolted doors to keep vampires behind
ive set traps and defenses to keep out the witches
my world spins wildly on a fragile axis
then you come and you try to destroy it

what you see as an infestation
i see as a delicate ecosystem…
my monsters find you threatening
i see you as a threat to our very existence.

11 thoughts on “Does my therapist know what she’s doing?

      1. a good therapist has many tools in her bag of tricks. My therapist is a big fan of mindfulness meditation. Some recommend weighted blankets and teddy bears. There is nothing wrong with keeping the space around you ordered and and clean as long as it isn’t becoming excessive. Just be kind an patient with yourself.

      2. my space is very messy now. im half cleaning half writing then getting a headache and lying down feeling overwhelmed. i have to be patient with me, im a huge pain in the ass to live with

      3. Take it one square foot, one hour at a time. Focusing on the big picture can sometimes make us feel overwhelmed and paralyzed. But clean on square foot, or writing on page or making one phone call is much more doable.

      4. christine, my insurance hangs up on me, they say they are currently experiencing high call volumes and call back later. this is the second time. its 1:13 on a friday. i dont know what to do. will they ever answer for me? this is the biggest problem in my life right now.

      5. Just emailed you some information. If I have any other brainstorms, I will let you know. We may be able to crowd source you some help on Facebook. I still have a lot of college friends in New England. If you are comfortable, email me more information.

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