i didnt give up and i didnt forget. im working on a very intricate plan.


last night i dreamt about going abroad
and pursuing horses, a pair of kittens,
bunny rabbits, fish, i tried to catch them

but all those hunts ended in rejection.
all those animals just remind me
they they can never live up to my standards
everything i do is working towards
getting my dog out of a bad situation.

you’re already my dog, youre loyal, you’re smart.
youre up for adoption
not sure which one you are…
its going to take a couple of months
but its going to happen
i promise i promise i promise i promise
i am working on it

otherwise i would never have
taken this apartment.
the landlady…well,
i just know i can change her mind about it

6 thoughts on “i didnt give up and i didnt forget. im working on a very intricate plan.

    1. when i asked about the place i heard this coming out of my mouth “my mom has a dog i take care of sometimes though is that cool?” im thinking….offer a 500 dollar deposit….or make it a service animal….a note from my therapist…..both…..working on it

      1. You should totally go with service animal, seriously, that is completely legit. I have a homeless friend with serious health problems and anxiety issues etc, and her dog is an absolute god send. I went to visit her and made sure we stayed in a hotel that allowed them.

      2. i just worry that shell stigmatize me over it…but yeah i could get a note from my therapist

      3. Really? She’s like that? Oh wait, is this the one that originally didn’t want you there?…hmmm but this is too important. Let’s go with the good totally outweighing the bad! Besides, maybe it will help her just be more aware!

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