The wind tousles my hair better than any lover did

This weather is hard it’s hard to be in
i run through it laughing, soaked, alone,
screaming, my hair is a mop-i kiss the tips of it,
i toss it back, i drink the wet dripping down
i laugh at the seagulls against the wind
because theyre flying still in midair
before they give up and find the ground again
the sea spills over the rocks splashing
it’s wild i think about just jumping in
i can’t get any colder than this
i was looking for something i lost
but if its out here, its ruined
i dont care.
theres so much life running through me
to the air it’s static its electricity
yes yes, its instability
i dont care
this is fun, its me
this is really living
its a stormy existence
but right now
i dont see anything wrong with it

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