Managing as a Single Mother

My mind runs on a million schemes
how will i live
oh, how will we live
now that i have
this babe im supporting
my own personal jesus
a branded religion

oh, what will be the color scheme
where we are going?
I want it burgundy.
I want it all wine and blood and sunrise
and things gone buh bye

and theres this undercurrent
of what i did
oh, how i might of hurt him
how alone i am
oh, how permanently broken
oh, how i lost him

but, so?
I’m on my own
and even with me,
i have to learn to be trusting
especially now
with this babe im supporting
we’ll need so many things
on this new life, just to start it

and everything slows down,
once he’s gone
so i can see
today, i dont think of him

oh, when you’re alone
there’s enough time to think

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