Quick, think of something

It’s a cheerful sunset
through the luxurious floor to ceiling windows
of my temporary office
featuring golden bursts of blue
the same hues of a parakeet
i once attached sentimentality to

I hold myself, watching
and remember that once,
I loved well
and was cherished
on top of it.

I hold myself knowing
I can’t get that back again.
I grant,
maybe that’s enough
for one lifetime
maybe it’s time
to wish for something different

i cajole myself into daydreaming
while the light still warms my cheek
ok, so what’s the next great thing?

Someday, I think
id like to leave
this little carnival city.

id miss my friends
but i think that, someday,
i should do it.

or maybe, maybe…
she’ll come back to me.
then, of course,
everything would be different-
i’d want different things
Or maybe, maybe…

the sun sets.
I leave the office.
i come back again.
Repeat the sunset

I can’t even wish

For what I wanted back

Repeat the sunset. 

Repeat the sunset.

And time goes on like that

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