Can I sleep with you tonight?

Wait a minute…I’m only the second person you’ve slept with? 

I think about the first time you let me in.

I had another man drop me off on our doorstep (while you were taking out the garbage), who said “Good luck with her, you’re going to need it.”

You said you thought, hey man, your loss.

And then, over cake, I made motions of my finger going into my fist and whispered “Psst..hey…wanna do it?”

The next morning I said, “Yeah, that’s not going to happen again. But it was fun, wasn’t it?”

You agreed. “Fun, and totally inappropriate. Of course, we shouldn’t have done it.”

Then, things got messy. Something worse happened. By the time I wanted to do it again, I couldn’t.

I came home less and less. Then I left. I’m lucky you still said yes by the next time I asked. 


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