Let’s try this again 

I haven’t had a boyfriend for about five years.

I remember once, on a plane to Panama, maybe a year or two into our relationship, he was torturing me. Whispering demons into my ear. He was menacing. And I didn’t care that we were just beginning our vacation. I was fairly impulsive, so, I tried to break up with him. I figured I’d find my way home just as soon as we landed. I’d manage. I figured anything was better than this.

I looked for a different seat. He came and found me. Passed me a note that said, “I cut up your credit card and flushed it down the toilet. Good luck in a dangerous country like panama without me.”

The first man ive really been with, five years later, tells me he’d like to see the world.

I look at him and smile. “Yeah, I think you’d make a great traveling companion and I could use a revisit. I’d like for you to see it, too. It’d be fun for me to see what you do.”

He says, “You know, there are still some places you haven’t visited. Let’s go somewhere new.”


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