through the white veil of winter

By nature, she was very cold.

I kissed her rings 

Wept at her feet 

She expressed nothing

Three times, I asked her to marry me

She made me love the snow

All my life I thought those wintry seasons

Were a surrender in white

Freezing conditions

Communicable diseases

Hibernation-but then I noticed

When she looked out the window

Her smirk became a smile.

Its possible, that before her, I never loved another person

Its also possible that forgetting, for me, is more important

But I invited her places

Walks, ski lodges, ice skating, fortress building, I invented extra christmases

I saw my dog dance in it

Once, after the bridge and to the far left of the trail

After she had finished with holding my gloved hand, after we were not where we were supposed to be, and getting scared-

We saw a wooden sculpture of a man

I would meet the next year

He was so like her, the element of nature I needed 

Where before, I couldn’t stand to be touched

I’d rise to the occasion 

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