7 thoughts on “It got scary

    1. Yes. I hate rape culture and entitlement. I talked to this scumbag for less than 5 minutes and he took out all of his frustration on me. But I officially have a boyfriend who hates men as much as I do, so all in all things are good. Most people suck, but some really really dont

      1. Rome once raped the Sabines. Some people call it “romantic.” Of course, the Roman men (at that time) then they lay themselves at the mercy of the women they raped; and it’s a fact that many women love to feel powerful. Presumably, the men were driven by necessity, and what they wanted were the women themselves, and not just their “cunts”… But you’re right. I don’t know if this makes it forgivable.

        In any case, in the “Rome” that came later, the men no longer had any respect for women. For instance, they enslaved the men in British villages, and raped all the women — but didn’t marry them. The British women (at that time) were used for pleasure and comfort, then tossed away as if their only function was to be a “cunt.”

      2. In a way I’m partially responsible. Not being of that type of mindset, it doesn’t occur to me and thus discount the possibility that it exists 😔

      3. Yeah unfortunately I’m reminded all the time. I should spread awareness to guys but its all exhausting

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