My fiction 

Lets take a moment of silence for my female protagonists

(And yes, all of them are women)

Because, lord, do I have them suffering,

Mental disorders, confinement, food addiction,  overbearing mothers, underbearing mothers, false accusations, you name it

But worse, lets take a second

To ignore the male characters,

Or more accurately, the extras,

Jotted down rushedly in the margins

Annoying the more important characters, tripping on the plot twists

Behaving like idiots-

And at the end of each story

Lets reconfirm

That the writer is a nihilist

Lets turn that confinement

Into Stockholm syndrome

Lets free the protagonist

Only to see her beg to be let back in

Then, lets just end it

With her cries still ringing

Thats my fiction

My latest protagonist, Geraldine,

Has a hot pink

Iron lung, named Lungy

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