Who’s who

You have to live in a small town

For at least a year to get the story

I know who cheats on who

Who abuses homeless people

Who called the health department

And who deserves to be evicted

I want to just tell her;
I know what you did

6 thoughts on “Who’s who

      1. No no, I am never sarcastic– except in my own personal journals, and maybe on twitter, or if I’m making a comment to the “universe,” or maybe to “entertain” people on social media.
        But when addressing a person directly, I am never sarcastic.

        I find your words to be often touching, exciting, thoughtful, deep — and, also mysterious. Maybe that last part is especially why I made the comment this particular time.

        (Sorry, I’m a philosopher, unlike you, and so I tend to over-explain and over-analyze, and I like things to be crystal clear. Very opposite from a mysterious poet. But I like reading your stuff.)

      2. I couldn’t be more flattered, especially after just starting to write again (happiness can really screw up poetry! Life is good) Thank you so much for taking the time to comment-you’re right, philosophizing is not my strong point, but i find it very admirable-it seems to suit you ❤

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