A friendship is born between two psychopaths (what is reality, again?)

It just makes me a little nervous because…well, I had sort of a psychotic break last year around Christmas.

What, no way! I was institutionalized for a week!

Really? Isn’t it crazy how reality can get sort of slippery?

For real. Once one thing in your life defies reality, the rest kind of turns to gravy. Because reality is supposed to be this solid thing you can trust…and all the sudden you don’t…nothing makes sense anymore. I didn’t know what was dream and what was waking. I didn’t know if my boyfriend was even a real person.

Yeah, I had really similar delusions. I could tell something was off when people started acting like what I was saying didn’t make sense. Their eyes glazed over and they just tried to change the subject, but I didn’t want to stop talking. I wanted to ask them what was real and what wasn’t. Then, I started walking until I got blisters on my feet, because I just felt in mind, body and spirit, all I could manage was wandering. Staring at a screen felt stupid, nothing really held my focus or made sense to me.

Totally! I feel like it’s all on a spectrum,  you know what I mean? Like sadness is to depression, nervousness to anxiety, hearing things to schizophrenia.

Yes! We all have the potential to go crazy.  My friend convinces herself all her shitty boyfriends are really good at heart. That’s crazy! And being afraid of the dark? And seeing things that aren’t there? I keep seeing my dead cat walking through the house like nothing ever happened-but that’s just grief. People say that’s crazy, but after a few nights without sleep anybody could see what I mean. Reality is slippery. You see one aspect slipping though, and the rest follows suit.

My friend’s delusion was, everything she thought was broadcast out loud and everyone could hear it.

Yeah, That’s batshit-but like, what happened? What pushed her over the edge? Maybe it was just too many coincidences that led her to believe this.

Yeah, I have to watch it. I have to make sure reality is making sense. I’m prone to nervous breakdowns. I don’t want to break again this Christmas.

I got your back. If you ever have any crazy questions, feel free to ask. I’ll give you a judgement free reality check.

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