Spotted Skin

Your cells are speeding up and mass producing
they haven’t done this since you left Spain
to go live with your parents. Back then you used
light booth treatments. The dermatologist said
the word “Cancer” out of context.
Then he said that your psoriasis was caused by stress.
You wanted to kill him. Next time,
don’t mention the c-word, you thought
if you want me to relax

This time, you don’t have health insurance
you stop smoking and drinking
you sleep with a humidifier
that blows straight on top of you
a cold, shimmering mist like a ghost
that your dog won’t stop staring at
that scares you when you wake up
from sleeping and dampens your clothes
you start to sleep naked. The spots
multiply and grow. You buy lotions,
coal tar ointments. It does nothing.
people start asking, “What’s wrong with your hands?”
you assure and reassure them, “Nothing contagious.”
you do yoga, breathing exercises
you fast, you do a penance
and then one day, in the shower
you notice the spots are disappearing.

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