“That’s just your anxiety.” “That’s your trauma speaking.” “This is just your anxiety.” “That’s not me, that was a traumatic incident.” “Come on, deep breaths.” “That’s just your anxiety.” “Have you seen your therapist lately? What does she have to say about this?” “Have you done your yoga? Your breathing? Meditation? What do you mean, you haven’t done anything?” “That was a traumatic incident. This is your anxiety speaking.”

“Hey. I hate you right now. Get the fuck away from me,”

“Is that you or your anxiety speaking?”

“Is there a difference? I really don’t care. I need you to leave.”

Crutches (obituary draft #37)

After the tragic events of 2017, Miss Georgia Park was rarely seen without either her boyfriend or the dog she continuously referred to as her puppy. She asked for special dispensations, claiming she couldn’t bear to be without them. She went as far as to quit jobs, classes and turn down major opportunities in which she was not allowed accompaniment. When she walked across the stage to receive her master’s degree, it was with her boyfriend on her arm and her dog at the end of his leash.