Disenfranchised in the Land of Opportunities

“What do you wanna be when you get a real job?”
“I wanna be a humanitarian.”
“…but you hate people.”
“i dont hate women and children.”
“You don’t have the certification.”
“How much does it cost?”
“It’s expensive.”

“I fucking HATE the system.
I was told, when i was little
i could be anything i wanted
i was sold a college education
i left my luxurious life abroad
and moved to the land of opportunities
and youre telling me
i cant afford the qualifications
to build ANYTHING?
and another thing,
health care, education,
safety, equal pay
maternity leave?
these things
should not be
reserved for the rich.”

“You know what?”
“You need to go
to the unemployment office.
You’re getting kind of…”
“what? say it.”

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