Resume Draft #38

Look at me!
I’m a teacher! I’m a student! I’m a managing editor….so basically, a manager!
On second thought I never taught! I managed a classroom of students. I networked with their parents.
I edited a famous author’s books! I promoted them! She’ll even tell you I did (she’s my best friend, she’ll say anything)
I’m not a feminist, who told you that? Oh, god no, no. Not at all.
Feminist Literary Collective? No, no, I’m going to erase that. That might be why the last ten jobs rejected me. You know, sometimes you just have to work around misogyny…Plus, I should delete anything that could be linked to my blog or just make it private. And
update my facebook profile picture to make it look like none of my teeth are missing.
Coordination? Yes, I’ve coordinated some events. I coordinated Eileen’s birthday party…I’m going to put that.

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