It was 5am. I had just woken up

From a very pleasant dream

About the terribly exotic

And adorable Kittenbird

Landing on my shoulder

Then gazing up to discover

a sky full of flying kittens

Everywhere I looked, there were more

So I woke up feeling very empowered, of course,

then realized all I had to do

To make my bedmates more cuddly

Was rearrange them.

I plucked the puppy off of the top of my head

and I held him.

i draped my boyfriend’s arm around my neck

I said there! Now, that’s an improvement

Then my phone started ringing

Did I mention it was was 5 o’clock in the morning?

It wasn’t good news. At that hour,

you can’t expect anything decent

“My father is dying.”

“Where are you now?”

“I’m flying into Boston.”

And then we talked about logistics.

The hospital’s location

Times, plans, preferences

“Honey, I am so sorry.”

“Hey, you know, it happens.”

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