It was a beautiful dinner

you have your methods for calming me

I’m allergic to shellfish and I am dying

you have a translation from Sanskrit

written on a scroll you unfurl from your wallet

a recipe for breathing

you have music and images of whales swimming

you have a stamped and certified note from my psychologist

assuring me that I am not medically allergic to shellfish

you take my limp hand, and join my dog’s fur with it

you tell me to pet him. he looks in my eyes

and stays still for the moment

but, I tell you, ok, ill pet him

but, I am so allergic to shellfish

I’m so allergic, so allergic,

I’m sure I’m dying

ok you say, youre allergic to shellfish

I can accept that-but in that case-

let’s spend your last few moments

surrounded by family.

we love you, we love you

let’s lay down and give into

whatevers happening

ok, I say, its coming

I love you too

ill be dead any minute












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